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5 Responses to “Meta”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Wow, Julia! I stumbled across your blog and have spent the entire afternoon reading everything. I admire your hard-hitting (but not condemning!) style and your message is exactly what I needed at this time in my life. No dramatic story here, but I think I was in need of an emotional “tune up”, as I was drifting into an area of self-delusion that I was the one in our relationship who was doing the work but not reaping the happiness I think I should be getting from my wife. You have challenged me to be my own hero and to be responsible for my own happiness. It’s funny how things come your way when you need them most. Thank you!!!

  2. Bryan Says:

    how do I RSS feed your blog???

  3. BlueRed Says:

    Reading this blog is like facing the reality of life. Life is not easy, and we cannot live exactly the way we want – yet there is a sufficient number of goals we can pursue to keep us happy (well, at least for a good part of our life). And so are the women :-).

    When the ocean is stormy, you can sit on the beach and moan, or you can surf the waves and have fun. And yes, a shark can bite you…. the choice is yours.

  4. margaret Says:

    hi–ive been in and out of this blog for several months and i find it absolutely fascinating–i happen to be a woman with the opposite problem—my husbands lack of sexual interest has me pulling my hair out at times–but many of the problems discussed here are interchangeable—i have one observation that can throw some light on this subject–i dont claim that its the whole answer, but its certainly part of it—-
    men have absolutely no idea whatsoever what its like to be on the wrong end of the double standard, nor can they fathom the experience of being culturally defined as an object that exists for other peoples use and pleasure because of gender. it is not their experience—therefore perfect understanding is impossible—the good news is that perfect understanding is not necessary either–hey whats life w/o a little mystery, right?—you dont have to get someone to understand you to negotiate effectively for what you want
    im still working on my husband problem…..

  5. B Says:

    Is anyone even monitoring this blog anymore? It doesn’t seem like it. I haven’t seen a comment from “Julia Grey” dated later than 2004.

    It’s a shame, I’d love to read more of this “Don’t do anything to let your wife know your upset, just act like Fabio and it will fix everything” bullshit.

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