“Why Not With Me?”

On the old blog there was an ENORMOUS, multi-week discussion that essentially addressed the question,

“If she doesn’t want to have sex with me, why does she masturbate?”

It proved to be a fascinating — and controversial — subject. One sidelight was prompted by a commenter (purporting to be a woman) who seemed to hypothetically recommend mild violence (“back me up against a wall”) if she should ever fail to fulfill her marital obligations. So we went into the question of whether it is in fact useful to use pressure, domination or assertions of “authority” to resolve a sexual impasse in marriage.

Since the conversation was long and convoluted It’s really not appropriate to blog posts, per se. As with many of the subjects we discussed, I had already created what became a 4-part story on the old blog. I put the first two installments together this afternoon and created “She Seems to Prefer Masturbation”.

Check it out if you’re interested.

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