Who Am I?

Here’s an email I received from a female reader:

I’ve read your blog and find that some of what you write really resonates with me. I am curious, though, as to who you are. I hope I’m not being nosy or pushy but I’ve looked through this blog and few others of your for any information on who you are, what your credentials might be, what you do, your back ground etc…

Are you just a regular gal?

Yep, just a regular gal, what I call a Professional Nobody. Although I’m a writer, I usually work under pseudonyms, a practice I find even more imperative now that I’m talking about my own sex life.

That said, I’ve also done a lot of research on this subject, both for some projects I’ve been paid to write and because of my own experience and concerns. As a result of writing about this and related subjects in various venues, I’ve also heard from a lot of women (and a surprising number of men). I figure that makes me something of an expert in the EXPERIENCE of married female sexuality, so that I can speak somewhat authoritatively about the way it FEELS from this end of the equation.

The thing is, I have printed some of your writings to show my hubby and I know he will want to know why he should take advice from you.

Why should he pay any attention to anything I say? Not because I’m any kind of scientific guru, certainly (although I do consult with scientists). No, the only reason he should take me seriously is because YOU do.

(For comments from the original blog on this post, including some discussion of how “questioning the source” can be part of an avoidance strategy, see my Page of the same name: Who Am I?)

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